We would like to extend a warm thank you to all those who have contributed to Exhibit 4 Smiles over the years, including many caring exhibit industry members. We sincerely appreciate your generous efforts in reaching out to children suffering from life-threatening conditions.

This will be our biggest year so far, with 233 children on the 2017 list. We can use all the support you can provide to make this a very special year for these children.

There is a significant difference between Exhibit 4 Smiles and many other charitable causes. With Exhibit 4 Smiles, you truly feel the human connection and can witness the direct impact your generosity has on these children, who genuinely appreciate each gift.

So please take a moment to learn more about Exhibit 4 Smiles, make a donation, and tell your colleagues about this great organization. It all starts with you! And as you know, a smile is contagious.